Supreme | The Cash Cannon
Supreme | The Cash Cannon

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Super HYPE item picked from an AMiGO had to have it in the KOLLEKTiON but willing to let it GO as saving up for a HOUSE 🏡🌹💚✨🔥 I know who ever picks up she’ll b in GOOD handz n it’s super fun 2 play with. HAVE kept it in pristine condition not ruining any of the foam / packaging inside or unwrapping money. Just used real money instead as to preserve the SUPREME MONEY included with the purchase of the CASH CANNON itself. Everything all OG included in BOX and again in pristine quality. BOX itself 8/10 hommie gave it mi like THAT ;) alright ENJOi Leggo ..

General Accessories / SUP Quality / Plastic Cannon Gun

Dope iTem - Scroll Bump Acc for more HEAT

HiT DM if interested 🔑

Mad LOVE Fam,
Miguel Angel
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Posted 3 weeks ago
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