Jordan 1 Retro High Court Purple

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🚻 Size: 10 - - 🆔 Condition: new - - ✅ All items that are sold on this account will always be 100% authentic with no exceptions. All products are individually Authenticated and guaranteed to be authentic. - - 🏧 The item is $500 (Canadian dollars) + shipping & handling. *prices may vary depending on agreed upon terms* - - 🌐 Shipping: Prices vary so message me for the best rate. *IMPORTANT* - I am not responsible for the item/parcel after I’ve shipped it. After it’s been shipped it is the postal service’s responsibility to make sure it arrive safe and sound. - - ⚠️ All Sales are 100% final. Once the payment has been processed, the sale is complete and u will receive the item. *very few exceptions apply* - - 💬 If ur interested in this, please message me and we’ll talk. Feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns and I’ll do my best to help :) -Thank you
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