Palm Angels | “ New Modern” Pant
Palm Angels | “ New Modern” Pant
Palm Angels “ New Modern” Corduroy Pant
Color - Chocolate Brown

Purchased These BeautyFul pants and was disappointed they didn’t fit. Ive been a size 30 since high school, but these joints unfortunately fit like a perfect 29. Ive worn 29 in the past, but after weightlifting I have to go up a size now cause Thick Boys is Life lmao! Honestly I love these pants but their sold out now, so yuh WIN some yuh LOOSE some, and again unfortunately took an L. Definitely a W for whoever cops. The pants a really nice, and light on the body. Super Dupper PHRESH details on right pant leg with zipper, and PA Logoing. Overall super Nasty, and someone gonna look CORRECT for da SUMMA #FACTS

( originally $690 )

General Pant / Authentic / Fair Price

Dope iTem - Scroll Bump Acc for all other items

Hit DM if interested

Thanks Fam,
Miguel Angel 🌹🌎
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Posted 1 year ago
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