Supreme White Dices - SET OF 5


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Do you collect supreme merchandise? Or just really like Supreme accessories. If so I have just the thing for you! **************************************************************************************************************These Supreme Dices are as part of a board game. (that's why they are cheap) they have been used however I have only owned the board game for 1 year. (Brought from Supreme official website) Today I searched supreme and other verified merchandise websites and couldn't find the board game. I am pretty sure this is part of a rare collection and that's the reason it isn't coming up when searched. Please note its only the dices for sale NOT the board game as it's a rare peice and a collectors item. The over all condition of the dices are fantastic! The printing of the ink on the dices are still nice and bold. No scuff marks or Fades. Definitely worth the buy.. Even more so if your a collector yourself and your looking for that one perfect peice to finish of your collection! < THIS ITEM IS FOR YOU! ****************************************************** I would be more than happy to send more pictures of the dices. ******************************************************* If anyone can come to a good enough price i would concider selling the whole board game < pictures can be provided when required.
Posted 6 months ago
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