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FW14 Supreme red ceramic white tray box logo ashtray
FW14 Supreme red ceramic white tray box logo ashtray

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FW14 Supreme red box logo ceramic tray
100% authentic Supreme product
Very rare supreme accessory!
8 photos uploaded
Condition 9/10
Material : Ceramic

It has been on display since purchasing it from supreme in 2014. This tray has been broken; the top right hand corner has broken off and been super glued back on. I’ve had this on display and broke it a number of years ago, the damage is not massively noticeable if you wanted to buy this item for display purposes. I’ve tried to picture the damage. There is also a small dot on the left upper section of the tray in the white part which I have pictured. This is a great item and if you wanted to use the item or display it I don’t believe the damage would be detrimental but it is there.
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Posted 12 minutes ago
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